The Cli-Fi Report from Taiwan
The Cli-Fi Report (CFR) is a research tool for academics and media professionals to use in gathering information and reporting on the rise of the emerging cli-fi term worldwide. This website was made possible due to the generosity and friendship of several friends from Taiwan, and they know who they are. For more information or contact details, email the CFR curator at:
The Cli-Fi Report The Cli-Fi Report


The 'cli-fi' name came to me as I was thinking of ways to raise awareness of novels and movies about climate change issues. I toyed with using such terms as ''climafic'' or ''climfic'' or ''clific,'' for the longer term of "climate fiction." But I wanted an even shorter term that could fit easily into newspaper and magazine headlines. So using the rhyming sounds of ''sci-fi,'' I decided to go with the short, simple to say and simple to write "cli-fi". And the short term caught on worldwide, beginning on April 20, 2013 when NPR radio did a five-minute radio segment about ''cli-fi.'' That was the beginning of its global outreach and popularity among academics, literary critics, journalists and headline writers.
***"Curious, empathetic, compassionate: What we should be as human beings."***

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